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Make a difference in the world you live in. Learn!


Learning is an exciting journey! Whether you are a young freshmen or a senior citizen, learning is an unequaled pursuit of passionate knowledge, filled with the brilliant flavors of life.  Students awaken with eyes wide, eager to explore the world of the unknown, the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.   

 In so many places, there are animal lovers, kindred spirits of our animal partners, who have the unquenchable burn of wanting to do something special with their passion.  They want to impact the world! The want to understand and explore the world of the animal!

Maybe they desperately seek the mesmerizing knowledge of behavioral zoology.  Possibly they strive to understand canine behavior. Many pine for the exceptional ability of training canines for police or rescue. Yet, others aspire to explore the milieu of Anthrozoology.

All have one thing in common.  They are unceasing in their quest for knowledge. 



London Hanover University participates in liNK, making collegiate connections between universities of different nations for the sake of educational availability for students.  The college of zoological caninme behavioral studies facilitates educators from the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States.

Our college has provided the means and options for those impassioned students of animal behavior to finally secure their own knowledge, education, and collegiate recognition. Most important is that our beloved department of canine behavior is invested and operated by humans who feel the desire to understand the canine and the work they perform, thus allowing the program to be small and personable.