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Master of Science Degree

The Master of Science degree requires a display of both earned credit and proficiency.  The degree award requirements are slighlty varied between concentrations:  Students seeking the degree for Anthrozoology and Canine Ethological Zoology are required to complete a Master Thesis.  

Students seeking the degree for Canine Behavioral Science and Canine Developmental Science are not required to complete a Master Thesis but may option for a Degree Portfolio.  A Thesis requires a selective and approachable research whereas a Portfolio requires a degree-wide, regular input for personal learning and application.  Either are due at the conclusion of the degree coursework and must be accepted prior to the degree award.

Master Degree candidates must meet the following credit hour requirements.

1. The Master Degree requires a minimum of 24 credit hours.  The courses must be at graduate level (500 +). Some level 400 courses may be approved by the department, if the course is deemed an important aspect of the student education and goals.