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Department of Animal Behavior - canine behavioral studies

All about LHU

About us

London Hanover University is a small, private, for profit educational institution.

The college consists of five administrators, twelve instructors, and eighteen investors. 

The name was chosen because the investors are located in London, UK and Hanover, Germany: though there are also a few investors in the U.S.

LHU is a virtual college focusing on zoological based, canine behavioral sciences. 

Accredited by the Western European Commission for Higher Education, the college provides education, leading to degree awards, upon the student meeting specific critera. 

Course audits are completed by administrators upon each class completion to assure education validity and continuity. 

All courses and policies are listed as approved by WECHE. 

LHU does not meet any campus course accreditation requirements, per our virtual status.

Most law enforcement agencies, as well as, some colleges within the U.S. and other nations will accept the LHU acedemic transcripts. The student is encouraged to check with an institution or employer for acceptance.