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Department of Animal Behavior


Staff Members

For further information and questions please contact:

United Kingom, Europe, and Asia Information officer: Lupita Standwick, 

United States and African Nations Information officer:  Rene Aloci


Records: Gloria Healey, OR contact your country registrar.

United Kingdom Registrar, Matilda Blythe

United States Registrar: Rene Aloci,



Milton Evans, M.Sc, Zoology

Dr. Raff Pandoff, Physics  

George Robinson, M.Sc, Primatology

Dr. Matthew Hall, Biology

Dr. Lucia Ptrier, Public Administration 

Dr. Chris Aycock, Behavior Neuroscience

Lucas Williams, M.Sc, Canine Behavioral Science

Dr. Myles Packard, Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Melissa Bitterling, Anthropology







+44 (0) 207 849 3000 (international rates apply)

(617) 356-8103 (United States)

LHU College of Zoological Studies, Department of Animal Behavior 

Centaur House, Ansells Park, Ansells Road, Fleet, GU51 2Uj, Great Britan