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Department of Animal Behavior - canine behavioral studies




Listed in U.S. Dollar

Course tution is $910.00 per course. 

American Society of Canine Trainers International Members:  Course costs are from $0 to $345

Police force members (any nation): Course costs are $455


Do I have to apply for scholarships? 

No.  When you complete your registration information, our system will automatically scan for your eligibility of scholarships: memberships and locations.

Who provides the scholarships?

Institutions and organizations: American Society of Canine Trainers International (U.S.), and LHU investors are the primary scholarship sources.  The funds are paid directly to LHU from the sources and match the student enrollment tuition for full payment.

Do I have to follow up with LHU or the scholarship issuant to assure the funds are paid? 

No. Once approved, the scholarship funds are secured in escrow, at the time of enrollment, and are guaranteed available through the period of the grant. Note: All scholorships do require that the student remain enrolled unless hardship circumstances prevail.

Can the scholarships run out? 

We base the scholarship model on statistics from previous years and secure the funds for the period listed. Once you are approved for a scholarship, the amount automatically applies and you are never responsible for any amount other that your student portion.

Can I withdrawal from a class if I do not like the program or need?

Yes.  We have a standard withdrawal schedule that matches most universities around the world.  You can see the entire policy here.