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2013-2014  Tuition Fee

All of our tuition fees are formulated for the British Pound (BP). Exchanges rates applied, the tuition rates are:

234.00 (£) including available scholarships

345.00 (U.S. Dollar) including available scholarships

284.00 (€) including available scholarships

Tuition fee without scholarships is $1115.00 (Dollar), £671.00 (BP), €811.00 (Euro)


Do I have to apply for scholarships? 

No.  When you complete your registration information, our system will automatically scan for your eligibility of scholarships: memberships and locations.

Who provides the scholarships?

Institutions and organizations: American Society of Canine Trainers (U.S.), Aldrigt Labs (U.K), and Martingale Songtre Industries (International), are the primary scholarship sources.  The funds are paid directly to LHU from the sources and match the student enrollment tuition for full payment.

Do I have to follow up with LHU or the scholarship issuant to assure the funds are paid? 

No. The scholarship funds are secured in escrow and are guaranteed available through the period of the grant.

Can the scholarships run out? 

We base the scholarship model on statistics from previous years and secure the funds for the period listed. Once you are approved for a scholarship, the amount automatically applies and you are never responsible for any amount other that your student portion.

How does the scholarship payment work? 

After you select the course where you want to enroll, you will go to payment.  Our system will automatically use the information from your registration form and our records, to determine if you qualify for a scholarship and the level of that scholarship.  Once you see the payment due page - your scholarship (if applicable) will be listed and your total amount due will reflect YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  LHU will then be paid the balance from the scholarship issuant.

Can I withdrawal from a class is I do not like the program or have another need to?

Yes.  We have a standard withdrawal schedule that matches most universities arounf the world.  You can see the entire policy here.